Kathrina Tiangco
April 26, 2018
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Setting Up Your Remote Workstation as a Freelancer


If you are starting your freelance career, you have the flexibility to work on your preferred location. It is pertinent to set up a work station where you can comfortable complete your tasks. It also minimizes the distraction in areas where you usually utilize like coffee shops, restaurants and common areas in your home. In this article, we shall be discussing the steps in setting up a work station and its benefits.

Steps in Setting up a Work Station

Whether it’s an area in your living room or a dedicated office, you must have the essentials to aid you in freelance work. There is no right or wrong in setting up a work space.  Here are some of the things you need to remember when setting up your remote work station.

  • Allocate a place in your home

Set a space where you can have your essentials such as your laptop, calendar and stationary supplies in place. If you need a sturdy desk to place your materials, you can get one in stores where you can get the best savings. You can check Goodwill stores, garage sales and even online like Amazon and Craigslist.

We recommend that you utilize an area in your home or office that provides tranquility. With this, you can work peacefully and with less distraction.

  • Acquire the necessary equipment

If your line of work requires you to complete digital work, you need to gather equipment such as laptop or PC. Its specifications should meet the minimum requirements of the applications you need to use. In this way, you can fully utilize the software application with ease.

Another essential thing to get is a stable internet connection. You need to be always connected with your clients. To aid you in communication, you can also get accessories such as headsets and microphone.

  • Create an ergonomic space

Aside from the equipment and accessories for your work, you need furniture to complete your space. Get a sturdy table that can support and house all your equipment and supplies. Furthermore, we suggest you get a comfortable chair. This will allow you to get throughout the whole working day.

These are just some of the things that you need to consider when setting up your remote work station. Nevertheless, feel free to customize your space according to your needs. It should be an enjoyable area for your where you will not get bored as you work.

Benefits of a Functional and Comfortable Work Area

Setting up your remote work station can help you get a dedicated space where you can work seamlessly.  Here are some of the benefits you can get from this.

  1. Increased productivity. You can complete your tasks better should you utilize a well set up work station. In this case, all your resources are accessible in a single space.
  2. Minimized distractions. By utilizing a dedicated space, you can minimize the distractions around you. You can work effectively and efficiently.
  3. Eliminate risk of health issues. Ergonomically correct furniture eliminates the risk of acquiring health concerns. For example, utilizing comfortable chairs lessens your chances of getting stiff necks and back aches.

There are a number of benefits if you have successfully set up a work station. We recommend you to get started now especially if you are taking part on a freelance career.


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